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How to have Success when your Stressed

  • Posted May 19, 2021

Heart failure due to stress is one of the leading deaths for Americans.

Why do you think this is? It's because of stress!!

Listen we all get caught up with life and things will happen that make us stressed out. It is how we chose to cope with it that will really determine how successful we feel in life.

As a Real Estate Investor in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex I see a lot day to day and have a high amount of stress, but how I chose to deal with it is first ask myself the, "H.A.L.T." question. It stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, if I am in anyone one of those states of being then I immediately move to solve whatever is coming up for me at that time. I have found that 99% of the time stress is cause by me not operating at my peak potential.

People can cause stress as well. With the name "Grant Trevithick" people would often mispronounce my name. Or as a child I would get called names by the other kids on the playgrounds of Carrollton Texas. I have learned over the years that breathing can help the most when we are in those situations. Taking time to just stop, breathe, or ultimately walk-away is better than causing even more anxiety. There are times to stand your ground, but often times it is just not worth adding the stress into your life.

Cutting off toxic people is important to because it helps to create a new space for someone to fill it with more uplifting positive influence. I often call these people energy vampires, they suck the life out of the situation and make it impossible to be around them.

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